First Impressions: Trigger Warning

Neil Gaiman’s latest collection is his weakest work to date. I can’t recommend it.

I KNOW! I can’t believe it either. I’m a huge fan of his: I love Sandman, I love his books, I love his short fiction most of all…and yet, Trigger Warning isn’t solid. There are 2-3 stories with his usual magic and cleverness, but the rest feel like writing exercises knocked out over an afternoon. Go read the collection then come back and convince me I’m mistaken. Please!

(Dear Neil Gaiman: you’re still in my top fifteen!)

I’m going to have a drink while I scrape something together for a review. Cheers, all.

3 Comments on “First Impressions: Trigger Warning

  1. Well, I’ve only listened to the looooooong introduction and the first two stories so far…and I’m seriously underwhelmed. A story about making a chair?!? Even as a metaphor that’s pretty lame, but at least it only lasted a few minutes. And the Lunar Labyrinth one kept sending me off to sleep – not a good sign! And he sounds so pleased with himself somehow…

    Hopefully it’ll pick up…

    • Honestly, the Introduction was my favorite part. I liked what he had to say about fiction and trigger warnings (it’s such a great title for the reasons he states that I’m sorry I didn’t think of it first).

      The chair is a prime example of what I meant when I said “writing exercises.” And as an opening story, no less! A number of stories also have bad phrasing to the point I want to take a red pen to them. I don’t usually have this impulse with Gaiman… ordinarily, I’m too swept up in the story to be fussy.

      Valentine’s Day 2015… the day I fell out of love with Neil Gaiman? Say it isn’t so!

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