Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Bird Box, Josh Malerman’s first book, is an odd one. There are teensy grammar issues, inconsistencies, and an annoying coincidence at the climax, BUT I forgive everything. From the beginning, this book was glued to my fingers. I wanted to skim to figure out the ending sooner, but so enjoyed the creepy ride that I forced myself to stay the course. This self-control was worth it. The premise of Bird Box is simple: there is a worldwide epidemic that when people see something (the “thing” remains unknown) they go instantly, violently mad. In their frenzied state, they kill themselves and sometimes others too. Survivors get through by boarding up their houses, locking doors, and only going outside while blindfolded. Years into this new reality, Malorie begins a blindfolded journey with two children to find a safe place. read more