20 Books of Summer 2015: Sign Up

I saw Cathy746books’s 20 Books of Summer reading challenge on FictionFan’s site. Happily, she provided a lovely graphic to share for the challenge, because I lack the tech skills to create one myself. I know, I know… the thought of my posting regularly over the summer is laughable as I just took a two month break from this page, but time to read/post comes more easily in the summer. The challenge officially runs from June 1 thru September 4. The last couple weeks will be sticky, but it’s technically possible. I’d originally planned to spend a fair chunk of the summer with Infinite Jest, but I wouldn’t have time for 19 books after. Rumor has it that IJ‘s density is more serious than it’s length. I don’t usually fret book length, but it was the first thing I checked when all 20 books were in a pile. read more