Note: To All Those People Who Love Getting Organized…

Some time ago, I was cleaning out a side room at my old office and ran across a Rolodex. No one wanted it. My boss said I should throw it in the recycling bin, unless I wanted it…

So I brought it home, dusted it off, and daydreamed about using it as some kind of organizational tool for books or reviews or my TBR or… idk. Something book related, though.

The tabs are alphabetical, but I could flip them to write something on their backs. The cards are also easily customized—they’ve got plain lines. Anyone have suggestions for how to make best use of the Rolodex? I thought about using it as a card catalog of sorts, but I have more books than cards and I know my books quite well—I don’t need a list of them. I’ve never bought the same book twice by mistake, whew.

Just going to leave this here and it’s back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!


6 Comments on “Note: To All Those People Who Love Getting Organized…

  1. What about something relating to authors? Key bio info, publications etc. Or maybe story or character ideas. Maybe instead of using it to catalog real people info, catalog characters that could end up in your stories. Even characters that have already made it in or even fav characters from the works of others. I’m imaging a Rolodex of fictional characters, some from books and some that could one day be in a book. Whatever you do, I love that you have it.

    • Oooh… I like this idea! Plus, the “Name” field on the front of the cards can also be put to use this and I can use the backs for books I’m looking for and so on. I have so many authors that I mean to keep track of and never know when new stuff is coming out. Now that I’m on NetGalley, I should stay current to get free books.

      Thanks! 🙂

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