Fun Site for Book Recommendations!

I stumbled across a well-designed website the other day:

The layout is plain, featuring only the opening paragraphs of an unidentified book. This allows you to read without making assumptions based on the author, title, genre, or cover. There’s a button at the bottom of the page to reveal the title and author, along with links to view/purchase the book on Amazon. Alternately, you can click the “Pick a Cover” link and scroll through columns of cover art for something to grab your eye.

The site features a wonderful selection of contemporary lit, classic fiction, and even non-fiction. (Browsing the covers gives you a better idea of the variety available since the sample text only shows one book per page.)

Each time you visit, you’ll see a different sample text and it’s easy to jump between them until something catches your imagination. And when the site eventually recommends something you’ve already read, it doesn’t feel like a wasted click so much as a round of trivia: Name That Book!

Happy Reading, All!

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