Happy 2018!

THIS is the year I will blog reg—nope, not making that commitment again. Each year, I’ve been a slightly more active blogger than the year before so my aim is just to keep this modest improvement going.

That said, I do have a few goals for the year:

  • Read more than last year
    • According to Goodreads, I read 49 books and 15,012 pages in 2017. I’d like to increase both numbers in 2018, but the page count is the real number to beat.
  • Read 10 books toward the Reading World Tour challenge
    • Ann Morgan’s “A year of reading the world” list caught my eye but it’s not something I can complete inside of a year (or even a decade). 10 books per year = almost 20 years to read the list, but it’s still a goal I’d like to work towards.
  • Read/review 52 short stories on Sundays—Sunday Shorts

Happy 2018, Everyone!

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