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I’ve been on a break from blogging while working on other projects. With writing, I need to focus on one thing at a time or I end up drinking 3x my usual amount of coffee and not sleeping. Stepping away too long makes it hard to come back, but Reading Ireland Month 2018 is a good incentive!

This challenge is hosted by Cathy at 746 books and Niall at The Fluff is Raging. Go sign up!

I’m not sure I can commit to finishing my list this year, but I’m halfway through two books now so it feels doable. I’m also using this challenge to knock two Booker Prize winners off my queue and I don’t expect either to be a quick read. In April, I’m going to start tackling the Booker Prize winners from recent years so that I can have opinions on the Golden Man Booker Prize to be awarded this year. (At present, Paul Beatty’s The Sellout has my vote.)

The Green Road by Anne Enright

I meant to read The Green Road after The Gathering (I even said that in my review last year), but I needed time to regroup after my first bizarro encounter with Enright. I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Green Road and it’s excellent so far. 

The Sea by John Banville

There’s a used bookshop I visit regularly that has Man Booker and Pulitzer prize winner on sale for cheap at the end of the school year. My copy of The Sea is crisp and pristine as any new book. Is this a good sign or a bad one?

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle

I’m reading this alongside The Green Road and I’ll likely review it last to have more time to get my thoughts together. For once, I’m enjoying the stream-of-consciousness writing style, but everything I heard about this book prepared me for something much warmer and funnier. I was disturbed when the narrator burned his little brother’s mouth with lighter fluid. I’m sure there’s character development and growth on the way, but in the meantime I’m recalibrating my expectations. I just finished a long and convoluted book (The Mirror Thief) and I’m craving something light-hearted to balance it out.

The Master by Colm Toíbín

This might be the book I’m most looking forward to this month. I loved House of Names, but thought Brooklyn was too saccharine.

Sunday Shorts:

  • “The Hotel” by Anne Enright
  • “Sleep” by Colm Toíbín

2 Comments on “Reading Ireland Month 2018: Sign Up!

  1. What a great lineup of reads!
    I haven’t read any of this, but I’ll admite you got me curtious abotu a couple.

    I tried to read Roddy Doyle a couple of years ago and honestly I found him so hard, I unded up dropping the book. I do mean to try that book again, but yeah… maybe I was expecting something different too.

    • Thank you! I’ve read a little more of Paddy Clarke and am warming to it, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the writing style. It’s the most difficult of the bunch for sure.

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