Catching Up

I wrote a book! Or, most of one. It’s on its third draft and every edit leaves it shorter. The most recent additions are still on paper so there’s still a fair amount of typing ahead. I always feel bad dropping off the earth for a few months, but the only way I found to get words on the page was to keep my computer off the internet. In the post-work, post-dinner haze, it’s easy to click over to time-wasting websites. I tend to go through cycles of either reading or writing, so while I was working I wasn’t reading anything I could review.

The upside is that I’ve nearly written a book. The downside is that I’m feeling burned out. It felt great at first to put in 10 or 12 hours on a Saturday, but now it’s a slog. The “book” is a series of interconnected essays, which means it’s fairly simple to start and stop. After rounding out this latest batch, I’m going to take a long break before writing the final one. I’ve also picked up other stories I’ve tinkered with in the past, including my weird DIY Cryonics story that I’ve expanded out. This is the one that’s most likely to be “finished” in the next year or two. Now that the end is in sight for a couple projects, I need a break more than ever to ensure a strong finish.

Many thanks to everyone who has remained subscribed after my break! I’ve got a few reviews in the queue and I aim to read a lot this summer. I’m going to cross my fingers that a few of my summer reads are good (or at least interesting).

Happy Summer, All!

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