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Review: 4:50 from Paddington

20 Books of Summer 2020: Book 1 4:50 from Paddington might be my favorite Miss Marple so far… In the opening chapter, Mrs. McGillicuddy witnesses a murder on a passing train. Fortunately, she was on her way to see her dear friend Miss Marple,…

20 Books of Summer 2020!

20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge hosted by Cathy at 746 Books I look forward to the 20 Books of Summer challenge every year, so much so that I ended my unscheduled hiatus from blogging last week for a scrap of credibility when pledging…

Review: The Dutch House

I’ve listened to Ann Patchett’s The Dutch House¬†twice and hate the ending as much as I love the beginning, which makes it hard to evaluate. Quick note on the audiobook: Tom Hanks does a stellar job. I thought he was reading too fast at…

Review: The Miniaturist

2.3 (out of 5)

Review: Remains of the Day

5.0 (out of 5)