So Bad, I Read It For You.
(It’s a clumsy acronym, but whatever.)
These “reviews” are for when you want to know what happens, but you know the book’s a mess.

E.g., Dan Brown’s Inferno. I knew Brown was sliding downhill when The Lost Symbol turned into a parody of his earlier stuff, but he put Dante on the cover so I had to know what happened. It was bad, so bad. How could I not try to save others this experience?

These spoiler-laden reviews are sarcastic. They’re meant to be the funny-ha-ha sort of sarcastic. (I clarify this for the people who find sarcasm fundamentally cruel.) For this reason, the SBIRIFY category will be populated by big, blockbuster books/authors: Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks… they’re rolling in mad $$$$$ with millions of copies sold. I don’t want to make a punching bag from a self-publisher’s first attempt.

If there’s a book you’d like to see here: feel free to make a request. ^_^

Inferno — Dan Brown

The Twilight Saga
Twilight — Stephenie Meyer
New Moon — Stephenie Meyer
Eclipse — Stephenie Meyer
Breaking Dawn — Stephenie Meyer

4 thoughts on “SBIRIFY”

  1. I read that one too, will I never learn? While I have blocked out most of my memory of that story I remember there was a “big reveal” about a dual identity of a character that I honestly thought had been common knowledge for a hundred pages or more. Just terrible (although I thought some of the DC history was kinda cool… I will never learn).

    1. Lol. Am in the same boat—I’ve read it, but remember very little. I found a copy for six cents and have learned that reading a book with an eye to a SBIRIFY post makes it more entertaining. (Except for Twilight Book 4. Am still trying to get through… it hurts.)

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