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20 Books of Summer 2015: Wrap-up

And just like that the summer is over (or very nearly). The reading portion of the 20 Books of Summer 2015 challenge hosted by Cathy746books went well; the reviewing portion… less so. You might have noticed. 😛 I read some good stuff though, so… Continue Reading “20 Books of Summer 2015: Wrap-up”

Review: Jurassic Park

20 Books of Summer 2015: Book 7 In my early teens, I read Michael Crichton’s books over and over, but not Jurassic Park. Instead, I watched the movie 30 times and pounced on the sequel as soon as I knew it existed. Reading Crichton still feels… Continue Reading “Review: Jurassic Park”

Review: Gilead

20 Books of Summer 2015: Book 6 I have a policy against reviewing books I don’t finish, but I have a double commitment to comment on Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead. I chose it as part of the summer challenge hosted by Cathy746books, and it’s a… Continue Reading “Review: Gilead”

Review: Coraline

20 Books of Summer 2015: Book 5 Desperate to make progress in the reading challenge hosted by Cathy746books, I grabbed a short one. Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, clocks in at 162 pages and a 90 minute reading time. Even if you’ve seen the movie,… Continue Reading “Review: Coraline”

Review: Grendel

20 Books of Summer 2015: Book 4 I hesitate to call John Gardner’s Grendel a modern Beowulf from the perspective of the monster, though that’s the first description to come to mind. The open secret among English majors is that Beowulf is a snooze despite its historical value.… Continue Reading “Review: Grendel”