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Catching Up

I wrote a book! Or, most of one. It’s on its third draft and every edit leaves it shorter. The most recent additions are still on paper so there’s still a fair amount of typing ahead. I always feel bad dropping off the earth for… Continue Reading “Catching Up”

Reading Ireland Month 2019—Sign Up

This year is flying! One of my writing projects finally hit critical mass and I’ve been working for hours each night after the day job. Reorganizing and fine-tuning is infinitely more palatable than drafting. It’s still fun, but this schedule is a road to… Continue Reading “Reading Ireland Month 2019—Sign Up”

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year!
2019 is going to be the Year of Regular Reviews (for real this time)!

Happy 2018!

THIS is the year I will blog reg—nope, not making that commitment again. Each year, I’ve been a slightly more active blogger than the year before so my aim is just to keep this modest improvement going. That said, I do have a few… Continue Reading “Happy 2018!”

Reading Bingo: 2017

I was pondering the best way to do a 2017 wrap-up post when I saw this awesome bingo card over on Cleopatra Loves Books. She says anyone can join in, so here’s my list and I hope to see many other lists pop up… Continue Reading “Reading Bingo: 2017”