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Catching Up

I wrote a book! Or, most of one. It’s on its third draft and every edit leaves it shorter. The most recent additions are still on paper so there’s still a fair amount of typing ahead. I always feel bad dropping off the earth for…

Reading Ireland Month 2019—Sign Up

This year is flying! One of my writing projects finally hit critical mass and I’ve been working for hours each night after the day job. Reorganizing and fine-tuning is infinitely more palatable than drafting. It’s still fun, but this schedule is a road to…

Review: Childhood’s End

Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End was included in a long list of sci-fi recommendations. At 224 pages, its pacing is perfect. The alien ships appear at the end of the first chapter and the aliens, the Overlords, swiftly implement changes for the betterment of humanity. A…

Review: Endurance

Is it too early to say this is probably the best book I’ll post all year?

February + January Recap

Review plan for February 2019 + January Recap.